Questions to Ask Your Photographer


  • When should we book BEK?
    As soon as possible so we can let you know if we are available! Sometimes, BEK Studios books up as much as 18 months in advance. To have the best chance of our services being available on your wedding date, contact us as soon as you have determined your wedding date and venue to see if we can accommodate your wedding as we are almost always the next vendor to book up 🙂
  • How do we book you?
    Booking BEK Studios is easy and can be done in-person, online (Skype or email) or over the phone. To make everything official and secure your wedding date, all we need is 25% of the pre-tax amount of your wedding photography collection and a signed contract. That’s it!
  • Methods of Payment Accepted by BEK?
    Our preferred methods of receiving payments are EMT (email money transfers) but we also accept cash and cheques. We also accept major credit cards (MC/Visa) through our secure online payment processor.
  • What is your entry level price to photograph my wedding day? What do I get for that?
    Our wedding photography services start at 1750.00 for elopements and 3000.00 for full day wedding coverage. ALL of wedding collections include a minimum of: 8 hours of coverage, High Resolution digital negatives on our custom USB, a complimentary engagement shoot, and online wedding gallery. Check out our collections for wedding day photography and engagement photography HERE.
  • What if I’m not sure how much photography coverage I will need for my wedding?
    No problem! Having a former project manager on our team has always helped when estimating the amount of time our brides need for photography on their wedding day. Let us give you a custom quote suited to the length of your event(s) no matter how little or how much time you end up needing!
  • What are BEK Studios’ payment plan options?
    Your first payment acts as your retainer amount to book our services. We then set up 3 more payments between the first one and the wedding date. Usually the next payments are made at 6 months, 3 months and 14 days before the wedding, with the last payment includes the taxes. Need something a bit different? Let us know as we are pretty flexible and can build a custom payment plan suitable for you and your partner!
  • Is it possible to hold our wedding date for us?
    We always try to be upfront and let couples know if there are others inquiring of our services for the same date whenever possible. However, it has happened that a couple books us on the spot and there isn’t any chance to give a “heads up to anyone”. Meaning, we can only guarantee dates when a signed contract and retainer has been paid.
  • What if we have to cancel our wedding, can we have our money back?
    All retainers are non-refundable and any services already rendered are billed back to the client. If there is a difference, the difference owed to us is to be paid by the client and likewise, if there is a difference in favour of the client, BEK Studios, will hold a credit in the amount of the difference for the client to use on any of our digital-only services within 12 months of the cancellation.



  • Do you only do wedding photography?
    Wedding photography is what we specialize in at BEK Studios and is the bulk of the work we do annually. We also offer commercial photography, family, maternity and baby photography under the portrait photography side of our business.
  • How do you describe your style?
    Our style is hard to put into words but at the end of the day we do our best to tell your love story from your perspective and as well as from your family & friends’ too. Our vision of creating contemporary, fun, easy and timeless photographs allows us to offer a rare perspective on wedding and portrait photography. While fashion photography, photojournalism and cinema all contribute to our inspiration and how we approach your day, we never dilute our clients’ love or who they are in the images we create. It’s what allows us to create one of a kind photographs that will remain timeless for generations to come. Our goal is to evoke the same emotion that you felt during your wedding day or session, just by looking at your photographs!
  • What sets BEK Studios apart other photographers?
    Visually, our lighting techniques and the way we capture our clients stories (so we’ve been told:)) have been just two of the reasons why couples/clients book us! We believe that every client deserves an unmatched level of client service when they choose to work with us. It’s a huge priority for us to ensure our clients are beyond satisfied with our services so we do everything within our power to make that happen. We even have a loyalty program that only clients of BEK Studios are privy to. Trust us, they are worth it 🙂

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  • Can we have the photos from the online gallery on USB?
    Yes! All BEK Studios standard wedding photography collections come with edited high resolution digital negatives on our custom USB. They are edited in the same manner as you would see on our website and are print ready too.
  • Do we get copyrights to the photos?
    Wedding & Portrait Clients: BEK Studios will retain full copyrights to all images but we extend “personal use” copyrights to our clients to allow our couple’s to print their photos for themselves and family. Commercial clients can inquire and customize the kind of copyrights required for their project.
  • What about prints and canvases? Can you help me with that?
    Yes, you can order prints directly through your online gallery OR through our boutique services.  If you are looking for canvases, please send us a direct email, we would love to help you with that!
  • Can we print the photos ourselves?
    Yes, you can!
  • Do you keep a copy of our images? If so, for how long?
    Yes! We create at least 3 backups of your images both on and offsite to ensure they are protected. We typically keep a copy of your images for up to 1 year after your wedding and encourage our couples to make backups just in case the unimaginable happens!
  • Is it extra to get our photos edited to the way you see them on your site?
    Nope! We edit all the photos uploaded to your online gallery using the same processes you see on our site today. We don’t use a tonne of photo manipulation in our post-processing as we prefer a clean, vibrant and timeless editing style. We also include a selection of your photos in black and white. If there is a photo we’ve finished in colour and you would prefer it black and white too, just send us your request and we will happily convert it/them free of charge.
  • How many photos do we get in our online gallery?
    Normally our galleries average about 800 photos but it depends on how long we are shooting.  Typically you can expect 600-1000 photos.
  • Do we need to provide you with a list of all the photos we want taken?
    We try to make things as simple as possible for you so we give you a comprehensive photo shot list of which you can choose the ones you want. Feel free to add any shots to the list that are not typical too!
  • How long after the wedding can we see the photos?
    A SneaKPeeK will be made available within one business day of the wedding and the full online gallery will be available for viewing about 3-4 weeks after your wedding.
  • How do we view the photos after the wedding?
    We send you a link to your private (password protected) online viewing gallery which you can share with friends and family and order all your prints from.
  • May we order guestbooks or albums that include photos from our session from BEK Studios?
    Absolutely, we would be happy to produce a stunning album for you!

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  • What if something happens to you before my wedding date and you can’t photograph it?
    Fear not, our paranoia has thought of the worst of scenarios and we always have an experienced professional photographer available to photograph your day just in case the worst happens!
  • What if your equipment breaks or fails? Do you have a backup plan?
    We love to plan and plan some more, so we always have backup equipment readily available to be sure we don’t miss the best parts of your day!
  • What about rain or poor weather on our wedding day? How will you deal with that?
    Well, we’ve been through hail, rain, sleet, snow, blizzards and blackouts so we know we can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us! That being said, an indoor photography location is always best to ensure all the desired photos of you and yours are captured. If you’re feeling adventurous, step outside with us for one awesome photo to remember the day! It’s always, proved worth it  🙂 Check out come of our fave bad weather wedding day photos!

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  • How much is an engagement photography session?
    BEK Studios engagement photography collections start at 350.00
  • What can we expect from an engagement session with BEK Studios?
    Engagement session are 45 mins to 90 mins depending on the collection you decide on. All our collections will come with digital negatives too!
  • When should we schedule an engagement session with BEK Studios?
    We are pretty flexible with our schedule and usually begin photograph engagement sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 am until 6.30pm. Each month we will have one weekend date available (usually a Sunday) from 1.30pm until 5.00pm available but those date book well in advance so be sure set up your time as soon as you can!
  • What’s your favourite time of day to photograph our engagement session so the lighting is epic for photos?
    Love early morning light (just after sunrise) or stunningly romantic evening light (about 45 mins an hour before sunset). We would not recommend a photos between 11.30am and 1.00pm as the sun will be high and can cast undesirable shadows on your faces. Though we’ve photographed couples at this time and still captured lovely shot, try to avoid these times unless you are using an indoor location!
  • Do we choose or book the location for our photos?
    Yes, please do! Most places require the Bride and/or Groom to book the location to ensure that the reservation of the space is valid. We even provide you with a list of suggested locations should you be stumped for one. We’re accustomed to shooting couples in almost any location (even if it’s a new one:)) so go ahead and get creative with your location! We will create images you will cherish in the location of your choice.
  • Will you travel for our engagement session?
    Of course!

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  • Will you travel for our wedding?
  • What is your pricing for travel and destination weddings?
    This cost varies as it will depend on the location of the wedding. On some occasions accommodations are included in the regular collection price for weddings in select locations within Canada*. Usually, your minimum investment would be 2250.00 + travel & accommodations.
  • How often do you photograph destination weddings?
    Usually we photograph one or two per year but we are looking to increase our destination wedding portfolio and have specials for locations we have not been to. Currently, we would love to photograph a wedding Belize, The Maldives, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, South of France, Monaco, Paris, London, Bali, Thailand and Tokyo.  Getting married somewhere else?  Let us know we would love to capture your celebration!
  • What about insurance? Is BEK Studios insured?
    Yes we are insured and we have world wide coverage and liability insurance.

Do you have more questions to ask your photographer?  Please don’t hesitate to ask!  Contact us today  🙂

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