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For our team of Canadian Wedding Photographers we have found it’s a wonderful feeling turning our passions into our professions!

You already know that we love being wedding, portrait and commercial photographers but instead of telling you how we came to love it, here’s why:

It’s the incredible trust that clients give us to capture their moments or events in the same matchless and remarkable way that they experience it!

To this day, we still get excited at the prospect of creating something exceptional for a new client.

If that’s you, just know it’s our ultimate goal to capture the same sentiment your memories will bring you, through photography!

As Canadian Wedding Photographers, we simply adore infusing our clients’ personalities, tastes, and uniqueness in all their photos! This allows our clients to experience the full emotion of their occasions, simply by looking at their unique photos again and again.

We invite you to view our portfolio full of Canadian Weddings  and Destination Weddings HERE.  We at BEK STUDIOS believe our clients are our greatest inspiration regardless if they celebrate their Weddings in  Canada or in another part of the world:).

We would be honoured if you would let us capture the moments, the laughs & your love on your big day!!

Your Canadian Wedding Photographers,




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