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Things to Consider When Choosing Winnipeg Portrait Photographers

Young families don’t stay young forever, kids grow up so fast and start families of their own. Hiring your Winnipeg Portrait Photographers  is a perfect way to make long term memories of your family.

Choosing a portrait photographer in Winnipeg, MB is ideal for many families who are looking to make some amazing memories. Not only will the photographer be in Winnipeg, they most likely know all the top locations to capture your specialist family moments. BEK STUDIOS has been capturing portraits for families for years and as a result, we have private studio space that can be used or we know the top locations to use throughout the city.


Never underestimate the speed at which a baby grows!  The incredible difference from newborn, to 6 months, to 12 months is mind boggling and insanely vast 🙂 From what they can do at each stage to their expressions along the way – ALL wonderfully worthy of documenting!

Pretty sure that’s why we love photographing wee lil’ bubbas….They are everything good, pure, and innocent about humanity all wrapped up in an insanely-fantastic smelling bundle! Hope we have the opportunity to photograph your sweet little one as we  always consider it an absolute privilege to create treasured memories for you and your family!


Our Bubba Sessions require a 75.00 retainer to book your session and our mini-collections start at 250.00 (retainer will be put towards balance) and include the following:

~  One 30-45 minute session*

~ A selection of  10 Digital Negatives

~ One Digital Negative of a Print-Ready Birth Announcement

~ Online Gallery

Full Collections begin at 350.00 and include the following:

~ One 45-75 minute session*

~ A selection of 30 Digital Negatives

~ One Digital Negative of a Print-Ready Birth Announcement

~ Online Gallery


It’s my (Esther) personal belief that every “mama-to-be” have herself photographed to always remember and dang-it – IMMORTALIZE the miracle that only a woman has been gifted to provide our sometimes harsh world with…an innocent and precious baby!

This time in any woman’s life is incredibly precious and not for just those who know the pains, trials and tribulations of getting a baby to full term. Though I personally haven’t had the easiest of experiences during my own pregnancies, I still think that if your pregnancy was amazing or if it was (like mine) unbelievably challenging, embrace it. In either case, treating yourself or someone you love with our session will in the end give you proof to say that you ROCKED it!

YES!…Every “Mama-to-be” deserves to have their pregnancy photographed to forever preserve this memory!


Our Mama Sessions require a 75.00 retainer to book your session and our mini-collections start at 150.00 (retainer will be put towards balance) and include the following:

~ One 30 minute session*

~ Online Gallery

~ A selection of 10 digital negatives

 Full Collections begin at 300.00 and include:

~  One 45 minute session*

~ Online Gallery

~ All the gallery digital negatives 🙂

~ A $50.00 credit towards a full Bubba session booked before or at this Mama Session!

FAMILY SESSIONS start at 150.00* (limit of  5 family members | add 2 additional family members for 100.00* )

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